Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two Takes on One Card

Here is another one of the cards I've been playing around with for Christmas. I started with this top one and then decided to spruce it up a bit (no pun intended!).

It's EXACTLY the same except I used a marker to colour in the flowers after embossing and used a slightly longer strip of Cherry Cobbler paper , wet it, scrunched it up in my hand and then wrinkled it onto the paper using sticky strip to keep it down. I did have to wait for it to dry first.

I MAY provided the option of doing either design at the card camp.....

Speaking of wrinkles......for those of you who don't know me on Facebook -
I knew yesterday that I was going to have a totally terrific day when I mistakenly began putting my face cream into my hair. Oh I laughed!!!!! And - it was a good day.

Hope you have a fantastic one today! Thanks for stopping by.

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Marlene said...

Love that you "spruced" it up! Looks great!